April! Simplify…breathe.

What if you really wanted to be happy and content. What would that look like? What would you need to do differently starting today? What if you could live lighter and more simply? What if you acted under the direction of your heart?

You might laugh a little more and far more easily. You might explore the great outdoors (even if that means watching the ants in your back yard or on a city sidewalk). You would invite a friend or acquaintance out to coffee or tea. You could dance in your house while cleaning. I wonder if you would write a letter to someone. Or use your voice to stand up for something important to you. Maybe you will volunteer to help someone in your inner circle or someone unknown in your community. I hope you smile at and make eye contact with people today. I hope you greet an animal as well. I know the birds are singing in your mornings…may you open a window or step outside to listen to them. And while you are out there, I hope you see the trees budding and early flowers blooming. Notice this new life and breathe it in deeply and smile. It doesn’t take much to shift.

By taking time to do these simple acts, you can rejuvenate and actually accomplish more in your professional and personal life. It seems counterintuitive, but the more we take good care of ourselves in the little moments, the healthier, happier and more creative we are. We can get more accomplished when we do so with a happy heart. This sort of work is far more accurate and innovative than if we are down hearted, exhausted and burned out.

So take a break, set your phone down, turn off your screens/alerts/buzzes/beeps. Leave it behind, connect with a real human or animal, get outside, volunteer, read a book, write a letter, laugh and dance… simplify and don’t forget to breathe.

Picture of Julie Engh Peters

Julie Engh Peters

Julie is a relationship and well-being coach. She owns Deep Roots Life Coaching in Missoula, MT. She is also a fruit farmer, a wife and a mom. She loves working with people and helping them to achieve their goals, hopes and dreams. She also loves spending time with her family and eating yummy fruit.


You can live a full, deep and abundant life. I would be honored to help you get there! ​