So, I have had a hard time exercising everyday, but recently I had a break through. For the last five weeks or more I have been running or walking everyday, only missing a few. I have taken an attitude of no judgement. If I miss a day, I get right back on it the next day. I don’t worry too much if it is walking or running. I go right out my door and I set a timer for 10 minutes and then I turn around. That is all. End of story. The great part is that when you get back your co-workers or family members will ask you, “Have you left yet?” or “Are you back already?”.
And you will smile, because you will realize that while you were away getting your blood pumping, boosting your serotonin levels and turning your creative brain back on, they had time to refill their coffee, go take a pee and maybe sneak a look at their socials. You didn’t miss anything! and guess what? Everyone else was just fine! And most importantly, you just took care of your yourself!

2. FOOD:
I just read something interesting…I love to snack, I love carbohydrates so much, I love sugar… I also know that this all has a direct and not so pleasant affect on my mental and physical health and well being. I’m doing my best to see food as medicine AND as I said before, I just read something interesting. What I read is helping me to see, in a new way, what is happening in my body when I eat sugar.
It is called “The Cycle”. Here is what happens: you eat a muffin or some yummy sugary item, your pancreas releases insulin to help drop your blood sugar level. The rapid rise and drop in your blood sugar level causes fatigue which signals the release of cortisol (stress hormone) into your body. As your cortisol levels rise you get feelings of anxiety, jitters, cravings for more SUGAR! Aha!!
An added bit of interest in the same article was to eat your veggies first, protein second then if you want carbs and sugar do that last. This mitigates the drastic spike and fall in blood sugar levels and limits the cortisol dump.

Remember, as with all habits you choose to add to your life, these are just for you! They are to help you achieve and sustain a more balanced, joyful, awake life. They are never meant as a “have to” or more fodder for judgement. Just be kind to yourself.
Fresh organic vegetables on rustic background

You can live a full, deep and abundant life. I would be honored to help you get there! ​