Fall in love with yourself.

Do you love yourself beyond all telling of it? Do you embrace your eccentricities and odd behaviors with a gentle nod and even a giggle? Are you able to lift up the parts of you that are dark, ugly, confusing and embarrassing to the light? And if they can’t feel the light yet, would you be willing to go even further and hold those vulnerable parts like a sweet babe and let them know love and/or comfort? And then would you try again? Would you offer them up in your strong or weary arms up to the warmth and light of forgiveness and wonder?

If you cannot today, would you be willing to try tomorrow? I wonder what you will find?

My hope for you is that you experience the challenge, but then that you find yourself bathed in the light. That with self-compassion and acceptance you will recognize what is yours to keep and what you can shed.

We all carry burdens and baggage that is holding us back and hurting our ability to feel joy, peace and freedom. Lift that burden up. Find the light and lift it up! It is okay. Tell the weight that it will be okay, that you will be okay, and that it is time. It is time to be free and to know that in that freedom you will find light and LOVE.

Close your eyes (not yet, you have to finish reading this first! hee hee). Notice your breath. Notice your body starting at the top of your head and working your way down to your toes. Notice each and every part and accept how your body feels. Notice your feelings and your thoughts. Let them go on their way. And now notice your heart. Put your hand on your heart. Think of yourself as a beautiful, sweet child and say, “I love you”. “You are enough.” “You are imperfectly, perfect.” “I lift you up to the light and I forgive you.” “I LOVE YOU!”

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Julie Engh Peters

Julie is a relationship and well-being coach. She owns Deep Roots Life Coaching in Missoula, MT. She is also a fruit farmer, a wife and a mom. She loves working with people and helping them to achieve their goals, hopes and dreams. She also loves spending time with her family and eating yummy fruit.


You can live a full, deep and abundant life. I would be honored to help you get there! ​