Hello dear readers!

We are now in the third month of the year 2024. The month of transition back into spring and green, new life. It is the time of blustery weather and passionate skies. It is also a time where people can feel earth’s transition as unsettling (even if they are ready and excited for spring). It is this concept I would like to challenge us to meet with hope and wonder.

The unsettling of transition is the very reality that can bring about new thoughts, ideas and opportunities. It is can be a reset of sorts. It can inspire HOPE! Brene Brown talks about hope as NOT being an emotion or warm feeling of optimism. NOPE, it is an action, a choice! Hope happens when we have the ability to set realistic goals and a flexible/creative path toward achieving those goals. It happens when we believe in ourselves. When we say, “This is hard, but I can do it!”.

Where can you put hope to work in your life this week? Where does it already exist? If you find you are lacking, think about ways to grow hope. Talk to a trusted friend/family member about existing hope and growing hope! YOU CAN DO THIS!

%Missoula Montana Mindfulness %

You can live a full, deep and abundant life. I would be honored to help you get there! ​