Yes to self-care and no to unneeded noise.

So the challenge for this coming week is to do something so special and so specifically for yourself, that you feel a little self-conscious. hee hee hee…

I am not talking about a self-serving, me-focused something, but rather a deep act of self compassion. Take yourself out to coffee and a walk. Meet a dear friend for dinner and a drink. Buy yourself a massage. Find more sacred spaces and moments to just be. Carve out time to exercise and/or create. And/Or give yourself permission to NOT do something. Say no to your children’s request to drive them all over town. Say no to that party or gathering that just doesn’t feed your soul. Put down your phone and step away from your computer. Say no to more work and yes to more time. Just be. For the love of yourself and those all around you… just be!!! No where to go, nothing to do, no list of to-do’s. Even if you can only squeak out an hour for this, do it! Even if you seriously don’t even have an hour, do it!! It is all the more self-compassionate when you don’t have time! Big sigh.

This is what self compassion looks like. Please, love yourself during this very busy time. This is permission to nurture yourself so that you are able to be generous, calm, focused, patient and energized. The ripple effect is felt by all those around you in such a lovely way. Remember giving your absolute focus and attention to a loved one for 10 minutes means more than if you spend the day with them distracted, frazzled and crabby!

I am calling you to plant seeds of self compassion and healthy boundaries.

I am not yet sure what that looks like for me this week. I will confess it makes me smile to think about it. An activity just for me and a permission to not add yet another “to do” to my list. Good luck and feel free to share what you do!

I will write again in the New Year.

Joy, Peace and Self-Compassion!

Shot of an attractive young woman doing yoga alone on the beach at sunset

You can live a full, deep and abundant life. I would be honored to help you get there! ​